FUR MADRID  is the is the brand and name patented in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office of the Ministry of Industry, epigraphs 35, 41 and 45, which defines the Leatherworking Association of the Community of Madrid, linked as an autonomous territorial association that is a member of FUR SPAIN Spanish Federation of Furriers and Fashion Creators .

The Association has a non-profit nature and legally represents the interests of the most important affiliated fur companies established in the Community of Madrid, being made up of tanners, stockists, wholesalers, clothing manufacturers, retailers and haute couture designers, being governed by democratic principles in their statutes Registered with number 29.307 in the General Register of Associations of the General Directorate of the Council of the Presidency, Justice and Spokesperson of the Government of the Community of Madrid, as well as with CIF number G-85383164 granted by the Tax Agency of the Ministry of Finance.

FUR MADRID ASOCIACIÓN DE PELETERÍA DE LA COMUNIDAD DE MADRID promotes legitimate codes of responsible commercial practices by disseminating and promoting, among others, the international regulations on animal protection CITES , being recognized and promoted as a creative artisan union by the General Directorate of Commerce and Consumption of the Community from Madrid . 

Likewise, it is the professional furr’s expert body adhered to the Arbitration System of the Regional Institute of Arbitration and Consumption of the Autonomous Community of Madrid with the registration number EMP 95, and to the Madrid City Council with registration number 79, and official interlocutor with the Autonomous and local Administrations, with the unions and the media in negotiations and legislative norms, defense of the sector and press releases within the Community of Madrid.

The Leather Association of the Community of Madrid FUR MADRID has the best willingness to work and collaborate with all business entities and national and international institutions that are related to the sector, as well as a perfect harmony of relations and collaboration with the Administrations.

E-Mail: furmadrid@hotmail.com

Legal warning:

The industrial and intellectual property rights of the text, images, animations, and other content included on this website belong to FUR MADRID. The user can view it but for the purposes of disclosure it is totally prohibited without express written authorization from the FUR MADRID Directive, as well as the due warnings regarding the provisions of the LOPD 03/2018.